Food Menud


Bread 1

Victory marinated olives 2

Victory’s choice cheese plate (from “Steve’s Cheese”) 10

Cured meat plate & house pate with house pickles 11

Cured meat & cheese plate 13

Organic green salad with radish, mustard, and pickled red onions 7

SOUP – pumpkin puree garnished with sage & apple 7

Hushpuppies with jalapenos+Grafton cheddar w/ house ketchup 6

Baked Spaetzle with Gruyere cheese and crispy shallots 7

Pork Belly Po Boy with Iceberg Slaw & BBQ sauce 10

Steamed Clams with potatoes, leeks, and Tasso ham p

Venison Burger, crispy leeks, worcestershire aioli (add rogue smoked blue +1) 10

Pot de creme w/ green Chartreuse 6

Autumn apple crumble pie hole from PIE SPOT (topped with Chantilly cream) 4

SAUSAGE – weekly special

Items may change somewhat with the seasons &/or availability of fresh ingredients.