The Victory Bar – Drinks, Food, and Events in Inner SE Portland


“….a bartendars’ bar”

The Victory Bar is located in the close-in SE Portland Richmond neighborhood, a short walk away from the Hawthorne District & there’s plenty of parking on or off SE Division Street. Ride your bike or take the #4 bus if you like. Open nightly from 5pm until at least 1am, midnite on Sundays. If it’s not pouring rain outside you’ll find outdoor seating available until 10pm, inside it’s cozy and has never been smokey! The kiddos are allowed in the main room until 9pm – Sorry, no highchairs. Instead of DJ’s or live music we’ve got 3 or 4 rocking ipods and a delightful cocktail arcade game table. We are a BAR with fabulous smaller plates of tasty treats, the spatzle is quite known around town. Please see the foodie menu for our latest offerings. As for beverages, you’ll have a hard time deciding. There’s a full bar with rare whiskeys & scotch, classic cocktails with unique ingredients, wines of smaller production and exciting beer from around the world or around the block.

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We don’t take reservations but if you have a large party please call to give us a “heads up” so we can possible prepare for a busier nite! Dress up or dress down, we will like you just the same, don’t forget your valid I.D. If you have noticed special events going on at the bar ( like the cask beer tastival 2008) and want to find out about these things BEFORE they happen, sign up for our monthly email. You can do that on the Events page and/or follow VictoryBar on Twitter. Of course we won’t be sharing your email address with anyone else. If you have a question that you didn’t see the answer to here, please email us at [email protected].

Photo by Miss Christmas Snow