Victory Bar 37th & SE Division Portland Oregon

  • HOURS?  nightly from 5pm, yep  – EVERY NITE !
                    open ’til at least 1am, midnite on Sundays
  • HAPPY HOUR?  The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)
  • does not allow for published HH info, please come in at 5pm to ask.
  • SMOKING ?  non-smoking inside with outdoor seating available (weather permitting) until 10pm
  • KIDDOS ALLOWED ? yes, in the main room of Victory, until 9pm
  • LOCATION? 3652 SE Division St., PDX, OR 97202 on Division, across from Do It Best Hardware and The Egyptian Club
  • WHAT IF I GET LOST ? ask a kind stranger.  SE 37th & Division
  • DJ’s or live music?  No, but Eugenio’s has music on Friday nites, check them out then come close the bar with us.  We’ve got board games and a rocking ipod or 3 or 4. Oh, and a delightful cocktail arcade table.
  • ARE YOU A BAR OR A RESTAURANT ? a BAR with great food.
  • WE’D LIKE TO COME IN FOR DINNER…great! keep in mind, we are a bar (with seriously good food) and items come out from the kitchen as they are ready.  sit back and enjoy the pace and company. DO YOU OFFER ORGANIC/FREE RANGE/VEGAN/MEAT LOVERS OPTIONS? we are constantly working on the fine balance between local items, independent farmers/artisans, environmental friendly production all at a price the customer is  willing & able to afford.  we will continue to update the website with our progress.   ANY SO FAR? The Victory Bar is excited to be part of the Portland Composts (see www.portlandonline.com) and pretty much the only thing going into the regular trash are plastic wrap & straws if we are vigilant. We are also the first in the program ( that they know of ) to have residential tenants utilizing the program.  We share the building & therefore trash receptacles, with 5 apartments. The majority of the tenants were interested in participating & the program trained us all!
  • CAN I MAKE A RESERVATION ? we don’t take reservation so just come on in to The Victory Bar.
  • BUT WE HAVE A LARGE PARTY ! we are happy to have your party join us.  Please call ahead if you have any concerns about having room for everyone and to give us a heads up so we can possible prepare for a busier nite.
  • WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? dress up or dress down, we will like you just the same !
  • I’VE NOTICED SPECIAL EVENTS GOING ON AT THE BAR, LIKE THE CASK BEER TASTIVAL.  HOW CAN I FIND OUT ABOUT THESE THINGS *BEFORE* THEY HAPPEN? just sign up for our monthly email.  You can do that on the “special events” OR
  • follow VictoryBar on www.twitter.com   . Of course, we won’t be sharing you email address with anyone else!
  • WHO KEEPS UP THIS WEBSITE?  the wife, gotta keep her busy. she’s learning so give her a break – the template will be gone soon.
  • HOW ABOUT THE PICTURES ON THE SITE?  most of current photos on the site are by David Reamer.  He’s a chef AND a photographer!  Check out the photo side of him at DLReamer.com
  • I HAVE A QUESTION THAT I DON’T SEE THE ANSWER TO please email us !   [email protected]