Victory ! – Drinkie

Victory Bar 37th & SE Division Portland Oregon

some current Victory cocktails…
Bourbon Ginger – bourbon and spicy gingle ale, fresh ginger & orange
                          bitters on ice. 
#6 Manhattan – “well, that’s where we go a-ridin’ into town a whampin’ & whompin”
                         bourbon + Grand Manier and Regan’s Bitters. up or x’s

Victory Martini – Cascade Mountain Gin from Bend, OR and Vya Dry Vermouth
                         from Madera, CA.  Garnished w/ housemade “pickle”. UP
                         nice, lite intro to gin, don’t change it to vodka, give gin a try!

French “77” – Yani took a Miss C’s favorite and tweaked it.  Gin, fresh squeezed     
                     lemon, sugar, Clear Creek’s Apple Brandy topped with Cava.  UP
Corpse Reviver – too complicated to explain. Something to do with Fernet.Version 44

The Widow’s Kiss – Laird’s Applejack, Green Chartreuse, Benedictine

Yank Crime – Lairds & Bourgon, homemade cider vermouth, allspice Dram. rocks

Monkey gland – gin, Oj, Grenadine, Absinthe


Victory Toddy – brandy, spices, lemon, fresh ginger

Cider Toddy – Lairds, spiced cider, whipped maple cream

Mulled Wine Toddy – with brandy and spices


Aperitif Aperol – Aperol on ice with Cava + seltzer

Aperitif Amer – Torani Amer with Lillet Blanc + seltzer

Victory Gin – dry hopped with housemade tonic. x’s

Pegutreuse Fizz – gin, lemon, Angnostra, green Chartreuse

Improved Julep – rye whiskey,fresh mint, Herbsaint. (Sazerac-ish)

Ross Is IceTea – St. Germain, gin, vodka, tequila, loganberry syrup, brandied lychee

Lil’ Boy Blue – Akvait & seltzer with Zergut Blueberry syrup.

Victory Sangaree – house fortified red wine, Presidente Brandy w/ nutmeg bitters.

Sacco&Vanzetti – iced coffee, cacao, Kahlua, Strega and seltzer

Cyrish – Irish Whiskey & Cynar with orange & Regan’s Bitters. UP

in the past, may return one day….

Mother-in-Law – Picon, bitters, curacao, maraschino, bourbon. UP

Alberto Palmer – Sauza Gold and a mix of black tea, guava and grated ginger. tall

Stregarac – old overholt rye + swt vermouth + liquore strega + twist. UP

New Fashioned – bourbon, muddled orange, pomagranite syrup, house bitters. x’s

Aviation Martini – gin, fresh lemon, splash of maraschino liqueur. UP

Pink Pony – for the gal who wants it all and wants it now, now,now!

                Campari & gin & delicious  fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice. big x’s
Tequila Blanco – tequila, pink grapefruit, house pomegranate syrup and sparkling

Southpaw – gin, Pelinkovac w/ Cointreau, Fernet & lemon

Pear Toddy – pear white tea and belle de brillet with honey and spiceGrasshopper – creme de something, creme de something & fresh grasshoppers….

“Italian Coffee” – organic hot chocolate, tuaca, nocello, yum

Victory Alexander – Chocolate infused vodka with brandy, nutmeg, nog. UP

Jalapeno Toddy – there’s jalapenos in the rum. add ginger, honey and spices.

Cider Toddy – Fresh spiced cider w/ applejack + bourbon, house maple cream

HBR – spiced rum and organic sweet cream butter, vanilla, brown sugar.

Vic Toddy – Brandy w/ orange, grated ginger and mucho spices


we search local & far for handcrafted/artisan spirits, throw in a few old favorites, some requests & top it off with weird apertifs