HOT TODDIES_________________________________________

VICTORY TODDY – ginger, honey, lemon, bourbon & brandy.

THE CIDER TODDY  – brandy, spiced apple cider, maple whip cream.

CHARTREUSE HOT COCOA  – with rum, and toasted marshmallow.

OLD FAVORITES______________________________________

VICTORY  GIN  – dry hopped gin with house made  tonic, on the rocks.

VICTORY  MARTINI – New Amsterdam gin, house made  cucumber vermouth & pickle.

THE  BOURBON GINGER –  fresh ginger, house made  orange cardamom bitters, spicy ginger ale. 

NUMBER  6  MANHATTAN – bourbon sweetened with  orange Cognac  and  Reagan’s orange  bitters.

FRENCH “77” – gin, lemon, sparkling wine and a  touch of aged  apple brandy.

CORPSE  REVIVER  #4 – something to do with gin & Fernet, revive tonight.

NEW  FASHIONED – bourbon, orange, house grenadine, and house made cinnamon bitters. 

NOON UNDER THE TREES – gin,  absinthe,  and fresh  lemonade on the rocks.

NEW ROSE – brandy, cherry herring, lime, and  a splash of maraschino liquor.

MONKEY  GLAND – gin, absinthe, house made grenadine, and orange juice. 

QUEEN  BITCH – gin,  lime,  Liquore Strega,  Angostura bitters . 

MILANO  RITA – tequila, lime, grapefruit, and Campari.

EAST  INDIA  COCKTAIL – rum,  orange curacao,  bitters  and pineapple juice.

ARTIST’S  COCKTAIL – bourbon,  sherry,  lemon,  and red  currant  syrup.

SAFE  AS  MILK …PUNCH! – bourbon & brandy, crème de cacao, orange curaçao, vanilla, cream, nutmeg.

CHINESE ROCKS – rum,  sherry,  Benadictine, pineapple juice,  chocolate bitters.

FISH  HOUSE  PUNCH – peach brandy, rum, lemon, soda,  housemade earl grey bitters.

YANK  CRIME – Laird’s applejack, bitters, absinthe,  orange twist &  soda  on the rocks.

NEVINS  COCKTAIL – bourbon, apricot brandy, lemon, grapefruit juice, bitters.

SMOKESTACK  LIGHTNING – bourbon, housemade Rock-n-Rye, vermouth,  dash Islay single malt.